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("SELF TRUTH" REVIEW) "Great melodies, vocals and very fine guitar work. He has a great future and I look forward to his next release and tour!"
- Pat Travers, Recording Artist, Orlando, Florida

("SELF TRUTH" REVIEW) "I really enjoy T.j's material and creativity. his music calms me and makes my travels much more enjoyable."
- Lawrence Juber

("SELF TRUTH" REVIEW) **** "True Passion... Like a walk through the clouds... Dualistic rhythms weave under and over each other, playfully intriguing the listener like a good riddle that you must listen to closely for details as it teases the mind with it's ins and outs."
- Troy Cox, JAM Florida's music magazine, North/Central Edition, Florida

("T.j" REVIEW) Orlando's Twisted Oak Records recording artist T.j Evans takes the acoustic guitar very, very seriously. His acoustic guitar instrumental release "T.j" has an overall hypnotically pleasing quality far removed from the Guitar God histrionics the term "guitar instrumental" can conjure up."
- Brevard Live, Brevard County, Florida

("T.j" REVIEW) **** "Orlando's premier acoustic virtuoso T.j EVANS is back with his follow-up to the critically-acclaimed Tales. With the exception of one track, there are no vocals to be found this time around-just one man and one acoustic guitar."
- Carl Zurowski, Connections Magazine, Orlando, Florida

(LIVE SHOW REVIEW)"T.j`s last two Kool Beanz gigs were awesome, a must see!"
- "Java" John, proprietor of Kool Beanz, Cocoa Village, Florida

(LIVE SHOW REVIEW) "I have always enjoyed seeing T.j perform and have worked with him on various projects. Incredible guitar and songwriting talent. A must hear!"
- Rubin Ruiz [N'SYNC]

("TALES" REVIEW) **** "TALES is a peaceful experience that takes quite a few chances and bravely offers up an acoustic heart."
- Bing Futch, JAM Florida's music magazine, North/Central Edition, Florida

("TALES" REVIEW) **** "An excellent effort from start to finish with well sung vocals, tastefully executed instrumentation, and a great production. This disc conveys a feeling of honesty and integrity."
- Carl Zurowski, Connections Magazine, Orlando, Florida

("TALES" REVIEW) *** "Evans is an immaculate guitar player, and the acoustic sound works really well for him. All in all, this is a good first effort, and is worth checking out."
- Mike Spring, Buzz Magazine, Orlando, Florida

("TALES" REVIEW) "Sensitive acoustic songs. Strong guitar work."
- JAM Florida's Music Magazine, North/Central Edition, Florida

("TALES" REVIEW) "T.j's music is beautiful and his songwriting contains a quiet intensity reminiscent of my favorite classic rock tunes. ...his instrumental passages take me away."
- Diana Ghosheh, The New Times, Kansas City, Missouri

("TALES" REVIEW) T.j's first unplugged release, evolves a collection of songs that come from the heart and inner thoughts of one of today's most innovative and intellectual songwriters. On songs like "The Way", "I'm The One" and "Show Me How", a raw honesty and union between only his guitar and voice allow the songs to become part of all of us through the emotions from which they emerged. Unfolding from and into what is known universally as love and life."
- Bill Whitacre, Cheetah and Bromo Records.

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