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I would like to thank Janie, who has always been by my side, you have my heart and love always:
Ian, I could not be more proud;
Jacqueline and May for my sense of being and the chance to be;
Grandma Anna, you will always be with me;
Papa, Sue, Kaely, Kevin, Pat, Nancy, Jerry, Anna, Jeremy and all of my family for their neverending support and belief;
Bobby Caldwell, Stephen Dees, Michael Regar, and Roger Zimisch for bringing these songs alive;
Brian Bassett for understanding how it should be without ever needing to ask;
Stephen and Patricia Dees aka. the Bandees for making everything better than it ever could be imagined;
Brian Kelly at Soundmind Recordings for all of the great work over the years;
Blair Carmichael for always being there and never losing faith;
Greg Bennett, Bill Taylor, and Tony Delarosa at Samick/Greg Bennett Guitars;
Elixir - Mackie - Ultimate Support - Classic Cases & Entertainment Alliance - Whirlwind Cables - Avelex Microphones - Ashdown Engineering
Aphex Systems - Community - Sabine - Heartwoodes - Power Werks and Jerry Sehi

TJ would like to express sincere thanks and appreciation to the following:

Janie - Thank you for your undying belief in my dreams. · Ian - To learn where to go is to learn where you've been. · Blair - Thank you for getting the word out to the world again. · Jerry, Jeremy, Anna, Kaley, Kevin, Grandma, Nancy & Jerry, Sue & Pat, my Mother and Grandmother, and God. · Also, special thanks to Julian Hensley, John Hawkins, & Terry Atkins at Tacoma Guitars. · Greg Mackie, D.K. Sweet, & Greg Silsby at Mackie Designs. · Jennifer at Ultimate Support. · Mrs. Tso and everyone at Elixir Strings. · Cliff Castle and John Seda at Audix Microphones. · Frank Baugher at Sabine. · Ray Belizia at Whirlwind. · James Stoffo, Chris, Jason, & Vern at Professional Wireless Systems. · Ted Kuchnert at SKB Cases. · Steve Turk, John Dowhy, Don Marsman, Justin and everyone at MARS Music Orlando. · Rob Treloar at D.A.S. · Frank Woolf at the Lute Hole Co. · Douk Linkous at Heartwoodes Straps. · Sam Verella, Scott Kinshen and everyone at Quantum Productions Unlimited for an amazing studio experience. · Great thanks to Rhonda Fera, Vito Fera, Michael, Monica, Andrew, and Kurt at Songwriter Products for their unquestioned support. · And all who have listened, enjoyed and listened again, thank you for sharing my music.

All Songs Written, Performed, and Produced by T.J. Evans
Recorded at Quantum Productions Unlimited
Engineered by Sam Verella
All Songs Published by Twisted Oak Music, BMI

T.j - The Album - The Credits

T.j's without whom Department:

Janie- Without you I would never be whole · Ian- always growing, always loved · Blair- I don't know how you do it, but I thank God that you are there · Beth Kotwis- for letting me have him when I needed him · Julian Henslee, John Hawkins, J.C. & Terry Atkins at Tacoma Guitars · Greg Mackie, D.K. Sweet, Greg Silsby, Todd, & Janet at Mackie Designs · Jennifer, Chris, & Stephanie at Ultimate Support · Rosa, Anthony, & Tom at DRStrings, Karl Winkler at Neumann · Frank Baugher at Sabine · Ray Bellizia at Whirlwind · James Stoffo, Chris, Jason, & Vern at Professional Wireless Services · Ted Kuehnert at SKB · Sabrina at BUZZ Magazine · Stormy, Bonzai, & McGyver at M4Radio · Annie & Fleetwood at WMMO · Scott Christianson, Don Marsman, John Dowhy, & Alison Guess at MARS Music Orlando · Carol & Michael at a·pix Digital Post · Rhonda and everyone at Songwriters · And all who have listened, enjoyed and listened again!

All songs written and performed by - T.j Evans
All songs published by - Twisted Oak Music, BMI
Guitar and Vocals - T.j Evans
Recorded at Twisted Oak Records by - Blair Carmichael
Mixed & Mastered by - Blair Carmichael at a·pix Digital Post, Orlando, Florida
Original Artwork by - Blair Carmichael
Duplication by - Songwriters Products, Longwood, Florida

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I'm The One

"I'm The One" Music Video


T.j Evans - Lead Vocal, Guitar
Steve Stack - Lead guitar, Backing Vocals & Guitars
Shawn Fernandez - Keyboards, Backing Vocals & Guitars
Producer - Blair Carmichael Director - Kipling Ericksen
Assistant Director - Gil Chavez Editor - Michael Siegel
Camera - Martin Kaufman Steady-Cam - Tony Foresta
Lighting Director - James Cherry Stage Manager - Todd Moore
Playback - Peter Kordel Art Director - Paulemile Fequiere
Make-Up - Vanessa Gionson
- Production Assistants -
Pat Tieri, Janie Ferkich, Wai Onn Chan,
Mei Ling Chong and Seou Yin Goh
Catering Provided by
Beth Kotwis
and special thanks to Gateway High School,
and to Mike Siegel and Carol Morrow at a-pix Digital Post Group.

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Tales - The Album - The Credits

©Twisted Oak Music, BMI, 1997

All Songs written and performed by TJ Evans except "I'm The One", "Stone By Stone" and "Child In Your Eyes" co-arranged by Steve Stack. All acoustic guitars and vocals by TJ Evans. String lead and kick drum on "I'm The One" by Brian Kelly with additional keyes by Richard LaRosa.

Recorded and mixed by Rob Treloar. Assistant Engineers Blair Carmichael and Richard LaRosa. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at MediaSound. Middletown, CT. September 1996 thru March 1997.

Another Place Another Time guitars on Stone by Stone and the Acoustic lead on Medicine Dog were recorded and mixed by Brian Kelly "Direct to DAT" at Psychological Music Studios, Winter Park, Florida. February,1997. This project was recorded and mastered Direct to Disk on Iomega JAZ drives.

T.j would like to thank...

Mark Michael, Matt Parkins, Bill Covert and Beaver Felton at Lyrical Lumber and Bass Central.
Steve, Theresa and Steven Robert Stack.
Jessie Scott at WRLT in Nashville.
Howie Jackson at Samick Acoustic Guitars.
Rosa, Faye and Tony at DRStrings.
Robert Fischer at Kramer International.
Jim, John and Rich at Magic Audio, Orlando.
Daphne Davis at AMI.
Michael Hennessy at the White Wolf Cafe.
Ken, Karen, April and Christina Winslow.
Dane Edick and Lisa Dudley.
Cynthia Butts for our home away from home in Middletown Connecticut.
Jerry Ferkich, "The Goose has Wings!"
Pat, Sue, Kaley and Kevin Tieri
Nancy, Jerry, Anna and Jeremy Edwards.
Grandma and Beth Kotwis. Jacqueline and Mae for always being there, even to this day.
Janie, for her love, belief, and support throughout this process called life. -my love always.
Ian, for giving me the strength to follow through, and the power to be a kid again. -thank you for showing me the world through your eyes. Janelle Kendra and little Jamie. -the time will come.
Robert Bampton Treloar and Richard LaRosa "engineers extraordinaire!"
Stephen Haight (formerly of Iomega). The music finally will be heard!
Brian, Debbie and Maddie "Not the Face!" Kelly.

Oh! ...and finally to Twisted Oak Records for fulfilling my dream and giving it to the world, and to Blair Carmichael, who without his insight, belief, love for the music, his trade, and life overall, the notes would not have been heard.

Thank you Blairman!

We could not have done it without you!

Joey Arata and Wolfe at Thoroughbred Music in Clearwater, Timothy Franklin, Hal Gumbert, Michael Hennessy at the White Wolf Cafe, Marty, Jan, Denise and Ben at Chapters Bookstore and Cafe, Caren Sheldon, Annie Summers, Bill Gable, Deborah Roberts, Julieann Campese and Fleetwood Gruver at 98.9 WMMO, Sabrina Steen at Buzz Magazine, Carl Zurowski at Connections Magazine, Greg Mackie, DK Sweet, Greg Silsby, Todd, and Janet at Mackie Designs, Terry Atkins, J.C., John Hawkins and Julian Henslee at Tacoma Guitars, Jennifer, Chris and Stephanie at Ultimate Support, Preston Reed! Shawn Fernandez and Heart Attack Diner, Scott Christianson, Don Marsman, John Dowhy, Alison Guess and everyone at MARS Music Orlando, James Stoffo, Chris, Jason and Vern at Professional Wireless Services, Ted at SKB, Rhonda and everyone at Songwriters, And to all that have listened, enjoyed and listened again!

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©1997 - 2014 T.j Evans all rights reserved

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