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The next generation of guitar bags Elegant lines and stylish design give the Star Pak™
a distinctive and unique appeal with outstanding protection for your instrument.


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T.j also recommends

The Lutehole Company
The Lutehole company offers handmade sound hole covers for your guitar.
There are many designs to choose from;
Celtic Knots, Gothic scrollwork and various abstract designs.
A very decorative way to control feedback!

The Glider Capo

No screws, clamps, or rubber bands to slow you down.
With the touch of your thumb, you sail The Glider up or down the fingerboard!
Keep playing through seamless key changes.
No take off required! If you're not using it, just glide it over the nut!

T.j finds the E Bow fascinating. Wait till you hear what he has coming!
Powered by a 9 volt battery, the EBow produces a magnetic drive field
which in effect bows the guitar string. This field emanates from the blue
LED end of the DriveChannel and feeds directly into your guitar pickup
when brought near it. For maximum drive, the bowed string should run
down the middle of the DriveChannel and vibrate freely in this field.

T.j relies on picstik to keep track of his pics when he changes to fingerstyle!

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